Sending files functionalities (PC & Mac)

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Sending files functionalities (PC & Mac)

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This chapter groups all the functionalities related to sending files.

Here you can read about the differences by sending a file to other users or directly to the Cloud, how to use a Presentation during your meeting, how to use mouse pointer and whiteboard to comment on a opened document, or how managing a videolearning session to perform a real time test / opinion pool.


Functionalities related to sending file:

Send a file to other users (PC & Mac)

Default folder for easymeeting file transfer (PC & Mac)

Send a file to Cloud / Web storage (PC & Mac)

Download a file from the Cloud / Web Storage (PC & Mac)

Open and close a document (PC & Mac)

Use the Whiteboard (PC only)

Activate the Mouse Pointer (PC only)

Grab a desktop portion (PC & Mac)

Using Power Point during a videoconference presentation (PC only)

oGeneral note about PowerPoint presentation in easymeeting™

oHow to use Normal Synchronization function

oAdvanced PowerPoint synchronization

oEnable another user to sync with the advanced synchronization

oSend PowerPoint synchronization using JPEG to JPEG mode

oSolve a problem related to synchronizing Power Point

videolearning™ (PC & Mac)

oPrepare a PowerPoint for a videolearning session (PC only)

oManaging videolearning in a conference (PC only)

oHow to answer / vote in a videolearning session (PC & Mac)

oThe results file

Print an open document (PC only)