easymeeting™ videoconference functionalities

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easymeeting™ videoconference functionalities

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The easymeeting video conference functionalities can be grouped according to the goal of each function.

Here you are the summary of all features: click on each to read more.


Management of the conference:

Enable Full-Duplex channel

oA booking request done by a normal user

oThe Supervisor enables a user on a Full-Duplex channel (PC & Mac)

oThe Supervisor disables a user from the Full-Duplex channel (PC & Mac)

oAuto activating function (PC & Mac)

oThe Supervisor kicks off a user from the current conference (PC & Mac)


Functionalities related to the management of audio and video device (Audio and video functionalities) :

Enable/disable webcam

Enable/disable microphone

Arrange your audio and video

Arrange volume settings

oYour local audio settings

Specific audio alerts (only for PC)

Echo canceller (PC, Android and iPad)

oRemote audio control of other users (PC and Mac)

oRemote control of quality connection of other users (only PC)

Stream movies (PC & Mac)

oLoop a movie (PC & Mac)

Video Pointer (PC & Mac)


Functionalities related to sending file (Sending files functionalities (PC & Mac)) :

Send a file to other users (PC & Mac)

Default folder for easymeeting file transfer (PC & Mac)

Send a file to Cloud / Web storage (PC & Mac)

Download a file from the Cloud / Web Storage (PC & Mac)

Open and close a document (PC & Mac)

Use the Whiteboard (PC only)

Activate the Mouse Pointer (PC only)

Grab a desktop portion (PC & Mac)

Using Power Point during a videoconference presentation (PC only)

oGeneral note about PowerPoint presentation in easymeeting™

oHow to use Normal Synchronization function

oAdvanced PowerPoint synchronization

oEnable another user to sync with the advanced synchronization

oSend PowerPoint synchronization using JPEG to JPEG mode

oSolve a problem related to synchronizing Power Point

videolearning™ (PC & Mac)

oPrepare a PowerPoint for a videolearning session (PC only)

oManaging videolearning in a conference (PC only)

oHow to answer / vote in a videolearning session (PC & Mac)

oThe results file

Print an open document (PC only)


Functionalities related to real time collaboration ( Work collaboration (for PC and Mac)):

Screen share (PC & Mac)

Share a specific program (PC only)

Share everything except a specific program (PC only)

Let other users interact on your screen (PC & Mac)

Give power of screen share to another user (PC only)

Take remote desktop control (PC only)

Quality of shared area


Functionalities related to involve in the conference other kind of devices such as phones and traditional video conferences devices ( Call devices of other producers (PC & Mac)):

How to make a direct call to H.323 device / GSM phone (PC & Mac)

The receipt of the easymeeting™ client H.323


Other functionalities:

Chat (PC & Mac)

Record a meeting (PC only)

oPlay a recorded meeting (PC only)

Close the easymeeting™ videoconference