easymeeting™ videoconference description

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easymeeting™ videoconference description

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This section will analyze the use of easymeeting™: possible roles for each user, the standard configuration tools for video conference and all the practices of a virtual meeting. We will show you the details of the interface, the positioning of the windows, the toolbar, all the internal functions and menus.


Main topics:

Webcam and microphone settings  (PC & Mac)

Log in a conference by using easymeeting Client

oPC & Mac

oTablet and smartphone

Roles of participants in a easymeeting™ videoconference

oSupervisor (PC & Mac)

How can I be the meeting Supervisor? (PC & Mac)

Supervisors Privileges and functions (PC & Mac)

Delegation System (PC Only)

oNormal User

oPassive User (PC & Mac)

easymeeting™ videoconference interface

oPC & Mac - videoconference interface

Standard layout

Save and load windows layout

Common screen elements

Users Window - users in low quality or list

Full-Duplex Channels - High quality video


Toolbar functionalities

Documents window

Screen share window

Messages from Server window


oTablet & smartphone-  videoconference interface

Standard layout

Top Screen - Main menu

Main Screen area

Bottom Screen

Video preview

Booking button

Users Window - users in low quality



Comparison between easymeeting™ on different devices