easymeeting™ scheduler

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easymeeting™ scheduler

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This chapter groups all the functionalities related to easymeeting Scheduler.

easymeeting™ scheduler is the web-based interface that allows you to modify your profile and plan/manage video conferences.

Moreover, the easymeeting Administrator can use the easymeeting™ scheduler to create/modify/delete users, group, conferences and give rights and options for each.


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easymeeting™ Scheduler login

Roles of the Scheduler users

easymeeting™ Scheduler interface

Plan, modify and delete conferences:

Plan a new easymeeting™ conference

Edit details of videoconference

Modify a planned conference

Delete a planned conference

Final report

Login in a current conference using the Scheduler

Add Contacts to your favorite using the Scheduler

Manage your easymeeting account Profile

Upload and download files in your easymeeting™ Cloud Sessions using the Scheduler