Background contextual menu (PC only)

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Background contextual menu (PC only)

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If you right click on the easymeeting background, the background contextual menu will appears.


PC: background contextual menu

Using it you can:

Automatically arrange all screen elements in the best suitable view (smart windows layout)

Save/retrieve your favorite window positions

Choose the sender address (only for multicast networks);

Choose the receiver address (only for multicast networks);

Set the rate of MCBR (Maximum Constant Bit Rate, or the parameter that allows you to maintain the average outgoing bandwidth);

Logout: exit the conference;

Desktop -> Lock/Unlock the windows layout to all participants. If you lock the layout, other users cannot move any toolbar, window or element in their screen, until you decide to unlock. This function is normally disabled for the user, but the easymeeting™ Administrator can enable this function to selected users using easymeeting™ Scheduler.

If each PC has different screen resolution, activating this function can cause problems to other users to see the meeting. If more than a user with this grant log in to the same conference, only the first one can use the lock function. If the conference is a OneToWorld or PeopleToWorld, the possibility to lock the desktop is owned by the Supervisor, but only if the user has been created with this grant.

Activate echo cancellation;

Select audio language: this option is enabled only when you enter in a easymeeting™ conference that has multiple audio channels, that will be used for real time translation. So, using this menu you can choose which audio channel select (and, consequently, the related language).


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