Audio and video functionalities

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Audio and video functionalities

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This chapter groups all the functionalities related to audio and video functionalities.

Here you can read about the webcam, microphone and their management. Moreover, you can learn how to arrange your audio and video, setting specific alert options, and how activating the Echo canceller.

If you're the Supervisor functionalities related to remote management of volume and other users connection can be useful.

At the end, we've added some information about how to stream a movie during a conference, also using the loop mechanism.


Enable/disable webcam

Enable/disable microphone

Arrange your audio and video

Arrange volume settings

oYour local audio settings

Specific audio alerts (only for PC)

Echo canceller (PC, Android and iPad)

oRemote audio control of other users (PC and Mac)

oRemote control of quality connection of other users (only PC)

Stream movies (PC & Mac)

oLoop a movie (PC & Mac)

Video Pointer (PC & Mac)