Advanced configuration of easymeeting™ (PC only)

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Advanced configuration of easymeeting™ (PC only)

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This chapter groups all the functionalities related to easymeeting Scheduler.

The easymeeting Client Configurator is a powerful tool that provides, on PCs, full access to easymeeting™ options.

The Client Configurator  helps you also to personalize the easymeeting configuration (devices, interface, language, network settings and so on). Click on the folowing icon to launch the configuration wizard (it can be found in All Programs -> easymeeting -> Client Configurator)



PC: Client Configurator Icon

This is the main Client Configurator menu.


PC: Client Configurator – main menu

We’ve described the Audio/Video Configuration Wizard here, where we’ve described how to configure webcam, microphone and speakers for a video conference.

Interface's option configuration wizard item help you through the configuration of the video conference interface options;

Communication configuration wizard item help you through the configuration of the communication mode;

Audio/video device configuration item is the faster way to configure audio in/out and video in devices (for more experienced users);

Basic setup item allows to configure the communication mode, the interface options and to choose the easymeeting skin;

Advanced setup item is only for system administrator, for users that use easymeeting in a multicast networks or in a satellite environment. We recommend not to change those parameters if not sure of what is going on.


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