Main Screen area (tablet & smartphones)

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Main Screen area (tablet & smartphones)

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This area is dedicated to Full-Duplex channels and to see work collaboration.

This working space is configured with static windows.


Tablet & smartphone: full-duplex channels

The easymeeting™ app automatically arranges all the opened screen elements, so if the screen share is activated, the full-duplex channel will be replaced with the shared area.


Tablet & smartphone: shared area

If you want to see both channels and sharing, double tip on the shared area.



It is not possible to close a Full-Duplex channel or a Shared Area;

Zoom in/out an element is possible by pinching in/out. A double tip on the element send it to full-screen; double re-tipping again will take it to normal size.

The number of Full-Duplex windows present at the conference vary with the minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8.


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