Documents window (PC & Mac)

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Documents window (PC & Mac)

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This window is dedicated to displaying the exchanged documents. It opens automatically when you receive a file, but you can always open it by clicking on the main horizontal menu -> Windows -> Documents window or by clicking on the name of a file contained in the Messages from Server window -> File Received/File Sent. This window is also automatically displayed (but blank) when a user activates the Whiteboard function.


PC & Mac: Documents Window

The easymeeting™ application allows you to modify the files directly inside this window. However, we suggest only to view the documents in this space.

In addition, any changes made to the document within this window are only made on the local PC/Mac (since each file is transferred as a copy to all the users) and then the changes are not visible to the other users and participants of the meeting. To allow everyone to see the changes it is necessary to send a new modified document to all the other users, but we suggest instead to use working collaboration functions.


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