Toolbar (PC & Mac)

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Toolbar (PC & Mac)

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In this paragraph we will analyze the features of the toolbar, that is the container of buttons which allows you to activate and deactivate the main viceo conference functions.

Starting from version 20090427, easymeeting™ has a single toolbar that contains the more frequently used features.

The toolbar is showed by default, anyway can be hide/opened by using the horizontal main Menu -> Windows -> Toolbar.

Remember that each function activated through the toolbar is also available in the horizontal main menu.

    image156           image157

PC & Mac: Normal User and Supervisor Toolbar

Supervisor and Normal User have different toolbars: the Supervisor doesn’t have booking and interrupt buttons because he can enable himself by default. Moreover, Mac users haven’t some functionalities available on PC.


The buttons can have 3 different status, as shown in the next figure:

Function activated: blue background, colored icon


example of pressed and activated button

Function enable: gray background, colored icon


example of enable button

Function disabled: light grey background, grey overlay on the icon


example of disabled button

The functions can be disabled both for logical terms (for example, the video is disable when I am not enable on a Full-Duplex channel) and for special grants given by the Administrator (for example the Interrupt function, which permits a user to join Full-Duplex without making a request to the Supervisor of the meeting, is disabled by default).


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