Full-Duplex Channels - High quality video (PC & Mac)

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Full-Duplex Channels - High quality video (PC & Mac)

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The full-duplex channels are windows that show the video channel coming from enabled users.

easymeeting_client_Full-Duplex_detail_1 mac_easymeeting_client_Full-Duplex_detail_1

PC & Mac: a Full-Duplex channel


It is not possible to close a Full-Duplex channel on a PC, but it’s possible in Mac;

Resize of Full-Duplex channel can be done by pressing the following CTRL + the bottom right corner of the window and allows you to maintain the same image ratio;

The number of Full-Duplex windows present at the conference vary with the minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20;

The number of Full-Duplex channels in a conference depends by:

oNumber of participants

oConference default setup (done by using easymeeting™ server and/or easymeeting™ Scheduler).


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