Users Window - users in low quality or list (PC & Mac)

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Users Window - users in low quality or list (PC & Mac)

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This window contains all the users that are in the video conference. The image is taken from each webcam every 3 seconds.


PC & Mac: Users window

The "visible" users in the Users window are not activated in the Full-Duplex channels, so they can only see and hear what happens in the channels. The users enabled on the Full-Duplex channels, instead, have their box in the Users window with a blue background.

If a "visible" user in the Users window try to  speak won’t be heard in the meeting: to intervene in audio and video it is required to be activated on a full-duplex channel (and the supervisor can do it). You can ask to speak making a booking request, or auto activate yourself if you're allowed to use the interrupt function.


The bar at the base of each user image contains the name of the user; the Supervisor is marked with a red “S” in the square next to his name.


This window contains a maximum of 20 small images; for more than 20 participants, easymeeting™ arranges them in a textual list.

In both views (low quality and list), you can activate a contextual menu by right clicking over each box/row.


In PC it is not possible to hide the Users window, but it is possible in Mac.


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