Common screen elements (PC & Mac)

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Common screen elements (PC & Mac)

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The display or no display elements/window are adjusted with the main horizontal menu -> windows -> specific window or replace all by pressing ESC on your keyboard.

All of the elements present on the interface have some common characteristics.

In detail:

Shift: you select the item by holding down the left mouse button on the top bar of the window, then move;


oFixed ratio: Alt + click the bottom right corner and adjust the window as you want;

oNo fixed ratio: click the bottom right corner and adjust the window as you want;

Refresh/Delete the contents of the item, through the arrow in the bottom right (only for PC);

Full screen:

oPC: click the squared button at the top right. To restore the original dimensions of the item, simply click in any part of the screen;

oMac: click the green button in the top left of the window


oPC: click on the cross button

oMac: click the red button in the top left of the window


PC: detail of a window - action buttons


Mac: detail of a window - action buttons

Additional functions in Mac:

Minimize: click the yellow button in the top left of the window

Always on top: click the A in the bottom left of the window to keep the window always on the top of your screen

In Mac all the elements can be closed, also the toolbar, the users list and the full-duplex channels (this is not possibile in Windows©). To re-open a closed window use the main menu -> Windows -> tick the specific closed window.

In PC the first button at the top right in the Documents window allows you to close the current document but - if the Whiteboard is opened - it erases the Whiteboard content.

Here you are the complete list of windows, click on each linked line to read more on the specific window/functions:

Full-Duplex channels




Documents window

Screen share window

Audio control

Remote user audio control

Message from server

File in

File out


Advanced Power Point synchronization

Jpeg Synchronization

Videolearning (teacher)

Videolearning (user)

Videolearning jpeg (teacher)

Gateway quick call

Gateway mixer


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