Standard layout (PC & Mac)

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Standard layout (PC & Mac)

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In the follow imagine you can see the easymeeting™ video conference interface with 8 Full-Duplex channels.

The minimum monitor resolution to work properly is 1024 x 768 pixel.


PC: easymeeting™ user interface




Mac: easymeeting™ user interface


The above interfaces have 4 different elements:

1.High quality windows or Full-Duplex channels;

2.Low quality Users window (or textual users list, if the users are more than 20) ;

3.Documents window;



The working space is configured with floating windows, that you can place, replace and resize as you want.

Please note that on Mac environment you don’t have the easymeeting™ desktop, but all the elements are free on the working space. Also in Windows environment you can choose to remove the easymeeting™ background using the Interface menu in Client Configurator options.

easymeeting™ automatically arranges all the opened screen elements. You can always press ESC on your keyboard to arrange the windows in the best way (or if you can not find some elements).


In easymeeting there's a function that permits to Lock/Unlock the windows layout to all participants. If you lock the layout, other users cannot move any toolbar, window or element in their screen, until you decide to unlock. This function is normally disabled for the user, but the easymeeting™ Administrator can enable this function to selected users using easymeeting™ Scheduler.

If each PC has different screen resolution, activating this function can cause problems to other users to see the meeting. If more than a user with this grant log in to the same conference, only the first one can use the lock function. If the conference is a OneToWorld or PeopleToWorld, the possibility to lock the desktop is owned by the Supervisor, but only if the user has been created with this grant.


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