Log in a conference by using easymeeting Client (Tablet and smartphone)

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Log in a conference by using easymeeting Client (Tablet and smartphone)

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We’ve just seen how to videocall contacts by using easymeetingOnCall, that is the fastest and easiest way to enter in a easymeetingConference.

But if you haven’t got easymeetingOnCall app, you can anyway use easymeeting app to enter in a specific conference room.

Please note that in this case you need to know the conference name and the server to use. Let’s see all details.

Double click on the easymeeting™ app and the program will begin.


easymeeting™ app

In this way a new dialog box will open:


Tablet: login dialog box for a pre-defined conference

Write your username, password, name of the conference and name/IP address of the easymeeting™ server.

If needed, also tick the PIN area and insert the room code.


Then press Connect at the bottom of the dialog box.

In this way you directly login in a easymeeting™ pre-defined conference room as a Normal User: it is not possible to connect as Passive or use Session Player in Android/iPad devices. Moreover, the only way to login as Supervisor by using the tablet/smartphone is making a video call by using easymeetingOnCall (see more) but you have, in any case, reduced functionalities.

You can also enter in a pre-defined conference by using the easymeeting Scheduler  - Invite section.


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