Webcam and microphone settings  (PC & Mac)

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Webcam and microphone settings  (PC & Mac)

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Before you begin to use easymeeting™ it is important to check that your devices (webcam, microphone, earphones, headphones, speakers, camera or other accessories connected to the PC) are functioning correctly and have correctly been read by the driver during installation. So, please double click on the Client Configurator icon (on your desktop in Windows, on the easymeeting Folder in Mac) to verify that the hardware was installed correctly.

In this paragraph we will not focus the various options of the Client Configurator, but we will examine the procedure for setting the audio and video hardware. For more details on the Client Configurator see the chapter on Advanced Configuration.

It is important to remember that the check described below is to be used whenever you change a device or your PC settings.

Procedures are differently, according to your O.S.: If you have a Windows PC click here, for MAC click here.


Comparison between easymeeting™ on different devices