Tablet and smartphone: video call your contacts

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Tablet and smartphone: video call your contacts

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To video call your online contacts, simply click on the video icon at the right of each name in the Search Contacts tab. The video icon will turn in green.


Tablet: video call buttons

tablet_easymeetingOnCall_call_dialogbox_1 (3)

Tablet: selecting contacts for video call

When you’ve added all the desiderated contacts, click on the video icon at the bottom left of the tablet, as shown in the next picture:

tablet_easymeetingOnCall_call_dialogbox_1 (4)

Tablet: starting a video call

This will open a dialog box as this one:


Tablet: video call dialog box

Choose the quality of video conference in the profile area, then click on Send Video Call Invite button in the right bottom corner of the dialog box.


Tipically values of videoconference video quality are:

medium (medio): 350 kb for each full-duplex channel

high (alto): 500 kb for each full-duplex channel

low (basso): 200 kb for each full-duplex channel


You can video call people that are online and not present. You can not write to people who aren’t online, busy or in a “not disturb” status. See more on status by clicking here.

The users receives a call window to accept or reject the call.


Please note that multiple login is permitted: so, you can log with the same easymeeting account in the same moment using a PC, a Mac, your smartphone and also tablet. When you receive a chat message, all the connected devices will receive it. When you receive a video call, all your device will ring in the same moment. When you change your status, all the device will show the last status selected. Obviously, you can decide to log off from all your devices at the same moment: click here to learn more.



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