PC & Mac: chat with your contacts

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PC & Mac: chat with your contacts

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To exchange textual message with your contact, simply select them in the Contact list (CTRL + for multiple selection) and then click on the chat icon at the bottom left of easymeetingOnCall:


easymeetingOnCall_chatButton_1   mac_easymeetingOnCall_chatButton_1

Pc & Mac: chat buttons

This will open a chat dialog box as this one:


Pc & Mac: chat window

You can write to other people that are online, not present and in a busy status. You can not write to people who aren’t online. See more on status by clicking here.

Use the blank area at the bottom of this window to write your message, then press “Enter” to send the message.


To send a chat message to multiple receivers, just select more people by using ctrl+click.

The message window will be as this one:


Pc & Mac: multiple chat window

Choose the receivers on the right column (ctrl + click to select more).

Use the blank area at the bottom-left of this window to write your message, then press “Enter” or click on the arrow button.

You can clear the chat history just by clicking on the “Clear history” button.

You can save the chat history by modifying the easymeetingOnCall options. By default and for privacy reasons, the chat board wouldn’t be saved when you log off of easymeetingOnCall (such as, for example, you restart your PC or you lose connection).

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