Tablet and smartphone: search for a contact

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Tablet and smartphone: search for a contact

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At this moment you don’t have contacts. So, click on the “Server Search” tab, which is at the top left of easymeetingOnCall desktop.


Tablet: Button search contacts

Start typing in the search bar to begin searching for contacts.


Tablet: Search for a contact in easymeetingOnCall

The app will automatically fill the list with the results.

So, select the people you know in the results list and the app will ask if you want to add them to your Contact list.


Tablet: Adding contacts

Choose Yes, Add and move back to the “Search Contacts” Tab to check what has happened.


Tablet: Added contacts in easymeetingOnCall

Starting from now, you can chat and/or video conferencing with your new contacts every time you desire, simply selecting the names and then choosing the “Video Call” icon at the bottom of easymeetingOnCall.

You can also add contacts by using the easymeeting Scheduler in Contact section.


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