Tablet and smartphone login

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Tablet and smartphone login

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Once you’ve installed the two apps on your tablet/smartphone, you have to log in the app of instant messenger named easymeetingOnCall.


easymeetingOnCall app icon

This is the login dialog box:


easymeetingOnCall login Dialog Box

Insert the provided username, password and server and click on Connect.


If you haven't installed easymeeting yet, you can freely download it from The standard server of easymeeting is Other public servers are,, please choose the right one to login.

Please note that multiple login is permitted: so, you can log with the same easymeeting account in the same moment using a PC, a Mac, your smartphone and also tablet. When you receive a chat message, all the connected devices will receive it. When you receive a video call, all your device will ring in the same moment. When you change your status, all the device will show the last status selected. Obviously, you can decide to log off from all your devices at the same moment: click here to learn more.


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