Receiver (PC only)

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Receiver (PC only)

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This area should not be changed by a simple user, unless specific requirements agreed with Feedback Italia, to avoid undermining the functioning of easymeeting™ video conference.


PC: Advanced Configuration – Receiver area

See details:

Render (Video): to select the Microsoft Render or Feedback render in the channels - default value: FBK;

T-filter: sets the filter time to improve the yield of the incoming graphics (when possible) - default value: 0;

Flips: flips the image received along the Y axis - default value: NO;

Render (Audio): same as sender of the previous menu - default value: FBK;

Post processing: activates a mechanism that attempts to improve the yield of the incoming graphics - default value: 0;

Audio buffer: buffer size of audio packets to be processed - default value: 3;

Force GDI: force the rendering to work in compatibility mode - default value: unchecked;

Disable multi cast loop: disables multicast loop - default value: unchecked.


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