Sender (PC only)

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Sender (PC only)

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This area should not be changed by a simple user, unless specific requirements agreed with Feedback Italia, to avoid undermining the functioning of easymeeting™ video conference.


PC: Advanced Configuration – Sender area

This submenu allows you to set some advanced parameters for the quality of image transmitted. The values of the image are set by default. Let's see in detail:

Render (Video): allows you to select the Render Microsoft or the render FBK in the video preview window - default value: FBK;

Key Interval: number of frames between two key frames - default value: 80;

Flip: allows the reversal of the transmitted image along the Y axis - default value: NO;

Small receiver period: time in tenths of seconds between two frames in low quality - default value: 20;

Quality: increases the graphic scenes in motion - default value: 2;

Render (Audio): is a parameter bound to play movies - default value: Microsoft;

Packet size: is a parameter that depends on the type of network you are using and is relative to the length of the packages that are used to transport the signal - default value: 1200;

Bitrate [kbit/s]: bandwidth in kilobits per second of the transmitted image - default value: 350;

Auto enable audio / video when active on F-D Channel: automatically transmits audio and video when the user is ready to speak - default value: checked;

Strict Bitrate: the transmitted to meet the bandwidth limits - default value: unchecked;

Force GDI: force the rendering to work in compatibility mode - default value: unchecked;

DeInterlace: deinterlace camera video  - default value: unchecked.


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