Advanced setup (PC only)

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Advanced setup (PC only)

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Clicking Client Configurator -> Advanced Setup will take you to a special configuration for particular details for the use of easymeeting™.

This area should not be changed by a simple user, unless specific requirements agreed with Feedback Italia, to avoid undermining the functioning of easymeeting™ video conference.

Through this area you can set a large number of operating parameters of the client.

The area is ideally divided into three sections:

The various sub-menus;

The area of details of each sub-menu;

The area of action that contains buttons for confirmation/cancellation of the parameters.


We will see each detail in the next paragraphs:

Network (PC only)

Sender (PC only)

Receiver (PC only)

Data cast (PC only)

Screen sharing (PC only)

Routing (PC only)

Help (PC only)

Antivirus (Pc only)