Interface (PC only)

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Interface (PC only)

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ptThis dialog box allows you to manage the video conference interface options.

Let see the details:


PC: Basic Configuration – Interface area

Set the default role of user in the login mask (i.e. Normal: in the login mask “Normal” will be pre-checked, but you can change this whenever you want) and you can choose between normal, supervisor or passive user;

Choose the language for the interface (choose from Italian, English, Spanish,  French and Arabian);

Echo cancellation: through this menu you can select the mode with echo cancellation software, for use in unexpected moments in front of more users to the same PC. You can choose between FBK (our proprietary codec for cancellation), Microsoft or none cancellation. Enabling echo cancellation allows you to avoid the use of earphones, so  other participants won’t hear the return of their voice coming out from your speakers;

Enable the passive user role in the login mask (if this user has been enabled to use it by the system);

Enable the horizontal menu (that contains all functionalities and not only the toolbar ones);

Set the background window (without background you have a Mac style environment – click here to see an example);

Avoid empty channels: if there are 8 Full-Duplex channels available but only 2 users are activated on it, the other 6 channels will be automatically hidden, and will appear again only when needed;

Screen share stretch: if selected, the screen share window will keep the original aspect ratio;

alert when there are updates to the Client version of easymeeting™: when this item is checked, every time you log in a conference, easymeeting™ will check for update and, if available, allows you to install the latest version of the software.


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