Audio Section (PC only)

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Audio Section (PC only)

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Once finished video setting, go to the next green area named Audio Section.


PC: Audio Configuration Area

If you click on Configure button, a new mask appears to set the output and input devices.


PC: Audio setup window

Select the device for audio output (speakers or otherwise) in the first drop-down menu. Then move the cursor on the right to adjust the volume of output audio signal.

Click on the Test button to listen the system voice (“easymeeting™ - we move idea, not people”) and check if the volume for the selected device is optimal.

Stop the test and move to next Audio in field.


In the Audio In drop-down menu select the audio in capture device to use (external microphone, webcam with microphone, echo canceller or other). Then use the second drop-down menu Audio line in to set the right behavior of the device. Move the cursor on the right to adjust the volume of input audio signal and click on the Test button to control that, if you speak, the level of the bar on the right moves with the sound of your voice. Instead, if you click on Preview you can hear your voice.


If you need to configure more than one audio devices (for example, in live events where a signal has to get back in easymeeting™ and another line has to be amplified in a big meeting room) click on the >> button.

The Audio setup window will extend, so you can do the same work for more audio devices.


PC: Configuration of double audio devices

Once finished, click on Apply and then on OK button to get back to the main window.


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