Manage your easymeeting account Profile

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Manage your easymeeting account Profile

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In the Profile Tab you can manage your easymeeting™ account. It is possible to modify First Name, Surname, Password and email address. It is also possible to define the default language for the interface and the Phone Number / H.323 device to be called when you're offline.  


In this page you can also set the visibility for your user: maybe you won't that other users can add you on their Contacts, so you can hide yourself by easymeetingOnCall and Calendar (Scheduler) searches.


The last check box allows you to hide the standard conferences, so to see only limited conferences in the Invitation tab.


easymeeting™ Scheduler: change your easymeeting Profile

If your Company has an Enterprise configuration for the easymeeting™ Server based on LDAP users authentication you can not change your system password, because it’s assigned by your System Administrator.


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