Add Contacts to your favorite using the Scheduler

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Add Contacts to your favorite using the Scheduler

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The Contacts tab allows you to search among the available persons and add someone to your Favorite Contact list. Those changes will be visible also in your easymeetingOnCall instant messenger – Contacts section.


easymeeting™ Scheduler –Contacts: add/remove contacts from your easymeetingOnCall

To add a Contact, just select a user from the Available list on the left and click > button to add to the Contacts list. In the same way use < button to remove users from your Contacts.

Multiple choices are available by pressing CTRL on keyboard (CMD + CTRL con Mac). If there are too many entries, you can search users by Username, Name or Surname in both columns.

Once added, your new Contacts will be displayed in your easymeetingOnCall software.


easymeetingOnCall: new contacts added with easymeeting™ Scheduler


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