Login in a current conference using the Scheduler

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Login in a current conference using the Scheduler

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The “Invite” Tab contains the list of the conferences that you can directly login in the next few minutes.

Let’s describe each field:

Title: the object of the conference;

Name: the name of the conference;

Start: the starting hour of the conference;

Duration: the estimated duration time of the conference;

Sender: the user who scheduled the conference;

Action: three types of actions are possible:

oJoin: you can join the conference using the role that the inviting person has assigned;

oJoin as Normal user: you can join the conference as Normal user;

oJoin as Supervisor user: you can join the conference as conference Supervisor.

Join as Normal user and Join as Supervisor user will appear only if the conference is a default system conference and has not be defined as a Calendar conference.

If you plan a conference by using the Calendar you will be the Supervisor of that conference, and other invited people will participate as Normal Users. So, if you receive a conference invitation, your role will be Normal User.


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