Edit details of videoconference

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Edit details of videoconference

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Once defined the video conference object, you get into the “Manage the calendar” mask.


easymeeting™ Scheduler – Calendar: Videoconference details

Let’s describe each field:

Conference name: the name of the conference. If not specified by the user, an automatic one will be assigned;

Argument/Object: the topic of the conference;

Start: the starting date and time of the conference;

Stop: the ending date and time of the conference;

Conference quality: select an audio/video quality profile for your meeting (set it lower if you don’t know how other easymeeting™ participants will connect).

Message to participants: this is the customized message that the email invitation will display to all invited users;


Now you can choose the participants to invite to the conference, by selecting the right tab in the middle of the page.

Users: Invite participants by selecting easymeeting users available and already registered in the easymeeting server. Use the middle buttons to move left/right the users, in order to add or remove them to the conference. Multiple choices are possible by using CTRL key. The ones on the right column (Participants) will be invited. Please note that you can search on both columns just by Username (User field), Name or Surname and the system will automatically search the corresponding users.


easymeeting™ Scheduler – Invite easymeeting users

External users: Invite participants that are not in your easymeeting company/server by sending them an email invitation. Enter their email address and click on Add button


easymeeting™ Scheduler – Invite external users

Groups: If you need to invite a lot of participants and they are grouped, you can select the group and move it to the right column to add all them using just a click.


easymeeting™ Scheduler – Invite groups

Once finished press “Save” button at the bottom right of the mask.


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