Plan a new easymeeting™ conference

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Plan a new easymeeting™ conference

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You have two different ways to plan a new video conference.

Act on the calendar: just click on the calendar at the desired “start time” and scroll the mouse till the desired “end time”. The easymeeting scheduler will show a purple square with the indication of the reserved time. Through a pop up you can:

oInsert the Object of the meeting (Argument) then

oInsert video conference options by clicking on “Edit details



easymeeting™ Scheduler: plan a new easymeeting™

Press the “New conference” button on the top left menu


easymeeting™ Scheduler: main menu

If you plan a conference by using the Calendar you will be the Supervisor of that conference, and other invited people will participate as Normal Users.

It’s not possible to scheduler conference in the past so, if a conference has been scheduled before the current time, it will be automatically translated to current time.

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