PC – close the easymeeting™ videoconference

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PC – close the easymeeting™ videoconference

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You have many alternative ways to close the easymeeting™ conference:

Go to the main horizontal menu -> File -> Log off to exit the conference and come back to the login window

Go to the  main horizontal menu -> File -> Exit to complete close the conference software

Right click on the easymeeting background and open the contextual background menu, then click on Logout

Click on the red button with the white cross in the right left corner of the software

If you’re using a “no background” configuration:

oclick on the “Exit from application” button on the toolbar, that is the last one


PC: Exit button on the toolbar

o or click on the white cross in the red box of the easymeeting dragonfly box that is at the top left of your screen


PC: easymeeting dragonfly box in no background style


See more:

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Mac  – close the easymeeting™ videoconference

Tablet and smartphone – close the easymeeting™ videoconference


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