Record a meeting (PC only)

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Record a meeting (PC only)

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You can record a complete easymeeting™ session (audio, video, sent data, whiteboard, screen share, videolearning, ect.).

All users from PCs have this feature enabled by default, but the easymeeting Administration can change this option and disable recording for some or all users, by using easymeeting™ Scheduler / easymeeting™ Server.

For privacy reasons, when a user starts recording, all other users will see a red dot in correspondence to his box in the Users Window. This warns the speakers and all other users that everything said/done in the conference can be spread, and if the meeting is private, other users can ask for stop recording.

To starts recording use the main horizontal menu -> Session -> Record the meeting or press the button on the toolbar which will open the usual dialog box of Windows©, to decide where you want to save the file.


PC: recording button

As you can see, the easymeeting™ session is saved with the “.ivc” format. By default, the file is saved with the name:


in the Session folder in easymeeting™ program directory.

Of course it’s always possible to change the path and file name, but we suggest to let this path to allow easymeetingOnCall to remember this session.

Press again the button to stop recording, and click on yes to confirm your choice.


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