Chat (PC & Mac)

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Chat (PC & Mac)

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Through the main horizontal menu -> Windows-> Chat or by clicking on the Chat button on the toolbar, the internal meeting chat will be shown.

It is important to know the possibility of sending a text message is always available, even when the user is not enabled on Full-Duplex. Users on tablet can use the easymeetingOnCall chat, that is always available, instead of this function that is not enabled on the easymeeting™ app.


PC & Mac: chat button

The most common use of the chat regarding sending a message (for example, “Attention, your report is too long”, “Light up your background”, “your webcam is out of focus”, etc) without disturbing the Full-Duplex channels, rather to ask for information and ask questions to people in full-duplex without asking the Supervisor to enable you, so you don’t interrupt the discussion in progress.


Chat window

Area 1 indicates the space for writing your message. Once the text is written, select a recipient (or more, keep pressed the CTRL key) in the 3rd area and then press the arrow button marked with 4 to send it.  Area 2 displays the messages sent and received.


Each message is preceded by a headline of the Nickname of the sender user.

A received private message is indicated by the word [private] between the name and the message itself. If you send a private message to another users, his name will be visible before the [private] tag, to ensure that was correctly send as a private chat.


It is possible to modify the font and color by pressing the button indicated by the number 6 (an option which will make the changes visible to all) while pressing the button indicated by the number 5, you can change the background color of area 2.


Modifying the background color is only visible to the user who modifies it. While the font size and color modifications are visible to all users.


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