Call devices of other producers (PC & Mac)

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Call devices of other producers (PC & Mac)

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To involve in a easymeeting™ conference a GSM phone or any videoconference device of any other producer, you can use the easymeeting H.323 gateway. The H.323 Gateway is a software that allows you to communicate with external devices, also if they haven’t easymeeting™.

To make a H.323 call you need to be the meeting Supervisor and use a PC or a Mac.

Please note that this is not included in the most common and standard easymeeting™ licence, so if are not autorized to make H.323 calls but you need it, please contact [email protected].

There are two different kinds of H.323 gateways:

1.Phone gateway: involve phones in the easymeeting™ conference. This makes a simply only audio call that is done using the normal GSM line and not the easymeeting™ app for smartphones and tablets. If the external person is using a tablet or a smartphone, he can install the easymeeting and easymeetingOnCall apps by using the Store;

2.Video gateway: involve H.323 devices in the easymeeting™ conference, such as Aethra, Tundberg, Cisco, Polycom, Sony devices or proprietary softwares (NetMeeting and others).


There’re two different ways to call an external H.323 device:

Direct call: involve H.323 devices whenever you need, calling them in any easymeeting™ video conference (see How to make a direct call to H.323 device / GSM phone (PC & Mac));

Gateway pre-allocation: a defined conference contains some gateways that are ready to call external devices (see How to call a pre-allocated gateway (PC & Mac)).


Moreover, easymeeting can manage all the streaming that the H.323 devices will receives, combining channels and video.


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