Take remote desktop control (PC only)

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Take remote desktop control (PC only)

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The Supervisor can take the control of another user’s desktop and, if the remote user accept, the Supervisor can act directly on the remote device.


To allow another user that wants to share his desktop, the Supervisor activates the Users Contextual menu by right clicking on the Full-Duplex channel or on the Users window.


PC: Take remote desktop control

Then selects “Take remote desktop control”.

The remote user will receive a pop-up window that asks if he wants to give the power to control his PC/Mac to the Supervisor.


PC & Mac: Pop up alert to accept Supervisor remote control

If the remote user authorizes, the Supervisor can act directly on the remote device.

When the Supervisor decides to stop wants back the screen share function, simply activates again the contextual menu and selects “Stop remote desktop control”.

This function has to be enable from a Supervisor that works on a PC, but he can control both PCs or Macs devices.



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