Managing videolearning in JPEG (PC only)

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Managing videolearning in JPEG (PC only)

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If some users haven’t got PowerPoint software installed (or are on Mac devices), this is the right feature to use to collect polling results instead the normal videolearning function.

The Supervisor becomes the Tutor of the meeting. He has to use a PC and searches the PowerPoint file with the Search File button on the toolbar (or using the main horizontal menu -> Documents -> Select a Document).


PC & Mac: Search file button

Opens the document locally (go to Message from Server window -> File sent -> double click on the line of the file).


Now goes on the main horizontal menu -> Windows -> videolearning JPEG that opens the videolearning JPEG control panel, that is absolutely similar to the normal videolearning control panel.


Videolearning JPEG control panel: view of a finished session


It has only one more checkbox for Convert and Send the slides.

So, check this box and wait until the PowerPoint will be converted and sent to all the participants.

At the end you can open the test session by pressing the green button in the “Session” area.

At this point the system asks if you want to save the excel file that contains the poll results.


PC: save the videolearning results window

Click YES and choose folder and name of the file (automatic settings as the date and time of the session) and, at this point, the videolearning session starts. The “Elapsed time” in the “Session” area begins to flow.

In this moment all the users visualize the Videolearning Answer panel, but it is disabled.

You can now open the first quiz by pressing the green button in the “Quiz” area.

Also here, the relative time begins and at this moment all users can choose the correct answer and send their choice. Answers are collected in real time and displayed in your Quiz Summary area.


When you want to close the quiz press the red button in the Quiz area.


The system automatically count and check answers entered by each participant, displayed in a matrix where the columns are questions and the rows are users. You can see the correct answer in the first row. The word “nr” beside the name of the user stands for “not received” and means that the user did not give an answer in the available time.


You can leave the quiz open as long as you consider necessary for the other users to answer. To end of the polling press the red button in the “Session” area. The system automatically calculates the percentage of correct answers for each user/question.

This feature is available only with the role of Supervisor and using a PC.

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