Prepare a PowerPoint for a videolearning session (PC only)

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Prepare a PowerPoint for a videolearning session (PC only)

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To prepare a PowerPoint document that contains interactive questions, it is necessary to use the videolearning tagger program that is licensed and installed with easymeeting™ Client on PC.

It is marked by the following icon and you can find it in Start -> Programs -> easymeeting™ -> videolearning™ tagger or in the easymeeting™ program directory (such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Easymeeting\Client) as this graphic icon:


Videolearning™ tagger icon

Launch the program and the following window opens:


PC: Videolearning tagger window

From the menu, choose “File” - “Open” and select a PowerPoint file (created before) to associate, on each slide, the quiz option. The file will open automatically inside the area left of the videolearning™ tagger.


PC: Videolearning tagger window with a opened PowerPoint

The videolearning tagger window contains, under the PowerPoint, the description of the positioning of the slide and two cursors “<<” and “>>” to move from slide to slide.


Once reaching the first page that has to contain a questions and its possible choices, you click “Insert”.


PC: Videolearning tagger - inserting a quiz

At this point the “Quiz” section on the right will be visible.



PC: Videolearning tagger - detail of inserting a quiz

In “Total Answers” enter the number of the answers for the question.

The Correct Answer is the number of the true answer. Then select the type of list (numeric, alphabetical, voting at general meeting) in the Answer Type.

Press Save and then continue to scroll through the PowerPoint pages.

Remember to save changes at each slide.

At the end, simply close the program through the menu File – Exit.

This feature is available only  using a PC.


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