Advanced PowerPoint synchronization

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Advanced PowerPoint synchronization

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Different from the normal synchronization, the advanced Power Point Synchronization stops other users from browsing the slides freely. The other users can only see the slide opened by the speaker.

The advanced synchronization mode is owned by the Supervisor, but he can transfer the function of Advanced Synchronization to any other user through the delegation mechanism.


To activate Advanced PowerPoint synchronization, open a PowerPoint presentation in the Documents window, go to the synchronization button and open the synchronization contextual menu by pressing on it with the right mouse button.



PC: PowerPoint Synchronization contextual menu

Choose Advanced PowerPoint synchronization and its control panel will appear below the Documents window, as shown in the image below:



PC: Control panel for Advanced Synchronization

Press the buttons on the right and left to move through the presentation in micro to micro, or slide to slide if the micros are not present.


Please note that this function is not available yet on tablet/smartphone and have reduced functions on Mac. In detail, if you synchronize slide to users connected by using smartphones, tablet or traditional video conference devices won’t visualize it. Users connected by Mac can not synchronize (any type of synchronization) and can only see slide synchronized by using Jpeg Synchronization.


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