Remote audio control of other users (PC and Mac)

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Remote audio control of other users (PC and Mac)

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We’ve just seen that Mac users can arrange their volume setting only by using system’s tools and not directly in easymeeting™. Anyway, both in PC and Mac if you’re Supervisor you can enable the Remote Audio Control window to arrange other PC’s users volumes.


This window is only available to the Supervisor by the main horizontal menu -> Windows -> Remote user audio control and allows to remote control microphone and speakers/headphones volume of each participant in the meeting by using a PC.


Let’s see the detail of Remote user audio control window.


PC: Remote audio control window


Mac: Remote audio control window

The supervisor selects a user from the list at the right (field 3) and then the cursors in 1 and 2 will move to the actual settings of the selected users.

Now the Supervisor can change the settings of the remote user:

Speaker”: the volume of the headphones/earphones of the remote user;

Microphone”: the volume of the microphone of the remote user.

By clicking on 4 he will send the changed settings to the remote user.

By clicking on the button marked with 5, the Supervisor turn on/off the microphone of the remote user.


In this way the Supervisor can have a true direct volume of the participant, to align the volume heard by each and to prevent one participant from having a higher/lower voice than the others.

Note that you can select the settings only for users that are using PCs.


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