easymeeting installation for PC

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easymeeting installation for PC

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On http://www.feedbackitalia.com/download_prodotti.html choose the first area and click on the green icon for Download. A message like this will appear:




Before running the file “easymeeting_client_xxx_yy.exeimage” (where XXX is the number of the packet and yy is the referenced server), be sure that every program that uses webcam and microphone is closed. easymeeting™ will be configured with the available devices for audio/video in/out, and if those are running with other programs, can cause some problems in configuring the right equipment. Once done, click on Run on the button in the previous image.



Click on Next.



Let checked “easymeetingOnCall” (which is the instant messenger for easymeeting) and choose the folder for installation in the next dialog box or leave the default one. Click Next.



Click on the Install button.



Wait until the end of the installation. Then choose the language for easymeeting™ interface and press Next.



Now you have some option that you can freely check/unchecked.



The option “Run the easymeeting™ configuration now” is unchecked because the installation procedure will set the better available audio/video devices. But, to be sure, you can run it.

At the end, click on Finish.


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