easymeeting User's Guide

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easymeeting User's Guide

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The following manual refers to the application easymeeting™. All of the characteristics and descriptions in this manual refer to the following installation PACK version:

20170526 for PC Windows;

20160615 for Mac;

3.6.4 app “easymeeting for iPad” ;

3.6.4 app “easymeetingOnCall for iPad”;

2.6 app “easymeeting for Android”;

2.8 app “easymeetingOnCall for Android”.


Due to our ongoing effort to improve the software, it is possible that this document may have small differences from the user’s guide and the software application as well as the functions described and the actual use within the application.

The manual is updated from version to version as the software develops. If there are modifications or variations with the functions of the applications according to the technical direction of Feedback Italia in respect to the content of this document, Feedback Italia reserves the right not to publish a new version of this manual unless major changes are made.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. Our technicians are at your disposal for any technical information or clarifications you may need. In this case, please send your requests to: [email protected].



easymeeting™ is a Feedback Italia product.

All rights reserved.


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